Denver Street Style

Easy, Breezy


We spotted Sarah and her mom on the 16th Street Mall, making their way to Beauty Bar Denver ( for an afternoon happy-hour of manicures and martinis. (Such and efficient business plan!) 

Sarah’s vintage Mexican shift dress is the perfect look for a day of beauty and bonding. There are so many amazing things about this type of dress: The hand-stitching and detail in the flowers that makes each of these garments one of a kind; the versatility of the shift-dress shape—which translates into effortlessly cute looks whether worn with heels or flats, belt or not belt; and the overall cool bohemian peasant-chic vibe it evokes… easy, breezy.

In short, should you be so lucky to stumble across this rare (but out there!) thrift store find . . Buy it!!


Kate & Joey

Spring Strut

Megan Ariett

We spotted Megan on what would otherwise be considered an afternoon stroll with her boyfriend down the 16th Street Mall.  But, for Megan—in this outfit (and that cute hair!)—well, the girl simply struts.

Megan’s green and black striped skirt is an even fresher take on the already fresh Breton-stripe trend, and just goes to show that the conventional wisdom to avoid horizontal stripes bears little relevance to looking chic and stylish on a sunny afternoon.


Kate & Joey

Out Back

Cecily Boley & Taylor Balkissoon

Loving the shorts and boots, so on trend right now. These two love to shop at places like Buffalo Exchange and Savers, and definitely rock their thrift store finds. Personal style is the key to any good outfit, and Cecily & Taylor definitely have it.


Kate & Joey

"March of the Zombies III" Fashion Show

Fashion & Zombies? Yes! I mean, BRAAAAAINS! 

Saturday was the third annual “March of the Zombies III” Fashion Show at Bender’s Tavern.  Live music provided by M.F.KAAOS accompanied not-so-live models down the runway, showcasing the fashion of local designers Summer Jackson, LLC; Jackson Ink; Broken; and Working Class Ink

Event Organizer/designer/model, Summer Jackson.

They were so pretty when they were alive… 

This skirt is to die for. (Haha) But seriously cute.

The beautiful-undead roamed the crowd, looking for BRAAAAAINS!


Kate & Joey

St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Josh Goodman

Great way to start the morning!

Jessica & Kylee

What inspired your outfits this morning?



Joe Bante & Chrissy Kopetsky


Perhaps the cutest paradegoers :) Their awesome wigs came from Boss Vintage! (

Tiffany Bausch

Effortlessly chic while still sporting the day’s colors. 

Storm Troopers!!

aka, the BEST part of the parade. 

Thanks, Rebel Legion ( for the collective geek-out :) Awesome.


Kate & Joey

First Post!

Welcome to our new blog! We hope you’re as excited about exploring the street style of Denver as we are. See you on the streets!